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How to set a different lock screen wallpaper for Android phone:

lock screen wallpaper

The people Who are using smartphone Nowadays, They are all like to set different kinds of wallpaper on the screen to make their Screen looks good and Impressive And Nowadays When The Smartphones Are Comming with the Different kinds of Features like Two Types Of wallpapers on Single Phone Screen. Imean We can Set The two Different Wallpaper At the same time and same device. Let’s see How It is.


  • So If you are using the Smartphone which is running on the Android Nougat Os. Then you can put two different kinds of wallpapers at the same time. One is On the Homepage and another on lock screen.


lock screen wallpaper


How to set A different kinds Of Wallpaper On Lock screen:


  • Today I will go to show you how to set it different types of wallpapers on your lock screen, which can look So beautiful on your Mobile Screen.

As I said to put two different kinds of wallpapers on one mobile then Your Android version Should Be Runs on the Latest version like Nougat. But if you are using  Android Stock Version, then it not going to happen On your mobile Screen. Just you can put only single wallpaper that too on Home Screen but not On the Lock screen Separately.

But when it comes to latest Android versions which are Operating right now, In such kind of mobiles you can easily put two different kinds of wallpaper On the same device without having any issues. as I said above two different types of wallpapers in the sense you can set one on the home screen and another is on the lock screen.


  • There are some third party applications which support dual wallpapers for your  Android stock Devices, but it’s not going to be good for your long-term mobile usage.


lock screen wallpapers


But When It comes to the latest Android version is like Nougat, you can happily change the wallpapers of your lock screen even you can Set it when it’s locked. Ok, let start how to change the different kinds of wallpaper on your lock screen.


  • And please remember when you set up this kind of lock screen wallpaper you need to have set to Google now launcher then only it will work pretty well.
  • Okay, Let’s Start without any kind of late now.


How do set up lock screen wallpaper:

  • Once you Done to set Google Launcher now. The first thing you need to do is just lock your device once.
  • To Upload or set the Wallpaper on the Lock Screen, What you need to do is, just long press on home screen then it will show the Options like Widgets, Wallpapers, Themes, and Effects.
  • When it will show the Options, Now you have to select on the wallpapers.
  • Now You have to select the wallpapers that you like most from your mobile or else you can download it from the internet.
  • Once You selected the Wallpaper just click on Ok. Now It will show the option to apply wallpaper for lock screen or Home screen.


lock screen wallpapers


  • The wallpapers you are going to set as Wallpaper, Make sure that only for lock screen or Home screen.
  • If you Want to set the wallpaper for instantly. Then select any one of them Either lock screen or Home screen even you can set for both at the same time and the Same wallpaper.
  • But try to set for any one of them Because it’s better to have two different Wallpapers on one mobile. when we have a chance to use two types wallpapers it’s better to use that feature on our phones.
  • When you select any one of them and click to Finish the setting wallpaper.
  • If you have done with lock screen then to set for the Home screen. To set a wallpaper for home Screen you have to repeat the same thing as you did above for Lockscreen.
  • So this is a way that you need to select different kinds of wallpapers for the “Lock screen” and Home Screen.


If you have any kinds of Doubts regarding this post and even facing the issues while setting the wallpaper for your lock screen. Just please let me know by the comment section below

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