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How to Forward Your Comcast Mail to Gmail

Comcast Mail

As all, we know Every Comcast/Xfinity uses the email service to send the notices and general emails. Actually, The interface of this email is little different when you compared to the Gmail. If You like gmail most then you will have a chance get all the mail that your Comcast into Gmail. Which means as the Title now you are going to learn How to Forward your Comcast Mail to Gmail.


Now I will be going to show you the Email forward setting so that you can easily receive all your Comcast emails directly on your Gmail. this all happen when you set your incoming mail on your Gmail account service. this actually a simple Process you will know easily by following the Below Instruction.


This is a very simple method, You just need to turn on the Forward Option which is located in the email.


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Forward Your Comcast Mail to Gmail:


  • Step 1: First, you have to log in to your account as you are doing daily on your Comcast account.


Comcast mail sign in
Image courtesy of Comcast



  • Step 2: Now click on the My Account which is located on the top Menu bar. If you are not able to get the quick option that means you are not signed in so you have to sign in to the Comcast, then you will able to get the option over there.


  • Step 3: Click on the User Preference to get the further option to move forward.


  • Step 4: Once you have done with the user Preference you will get the Email Setting. now you have to select the user that you want to forward the email from Comcast email and click on the Email setting.


  • Step 5: Now you need to enter the Gmail address of the person whom you want to send and just check the Email forwarder is On or Not. You have to keep it on if i is off.


  • Step 5: If you want a Copy of that email you can check the box to have a copy of the Mail. If you not on this option The Emails only Show on the Gmail but on in the Comcast Inbox. If you tick that then you will get a copy of that email on your Comcast inbox.


So, guys, this is the way that you have Forward Your “Comcast Mail” to Gmail. If you have any doubts regarding this Post DO let me know by the COmment Section Below.

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