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Cartoon Picture Apps for iPhone that turn Photos into Drawing 2018

Cartoon Picture App for iPhone

Cartoon Picture App for iPhone is the topic that which gives more interesting anything else for photo editors and picture lovers. You can do miracles with just simple filtering with pencil, sketches, and chalk.


If you just decided to do magic with your photos then you can play all photo editing with your iPhone itself. Now these below apps are the Best cartoon picture app that turns photos into the cartoon. 


Recently have tried to edit my Picture with cartoon effect in many ways that I actually wanted to, and also I have tried the many other ways to get the result for best of mine. Finally, I have found Some Best methods which actually worked very well and the results are the below. Go ahead and know it.


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Cartoon Picture App for iPhone:


 1. Artomotion:

This app is available on app store for free to download for your iPhone with different types of drawing with many types of sketches which make your photo to cartoon drawing.


You will find the different types of sketches in this app like color pencil, oil sketch, marker, and charcoal. By using these you can make a photo from normal to drawing within the minutes and this will be the best in list Cartoon Picture App for iPhone.



First, you have to open the app then you need to choose the image which you want to edit image should be the better sites that you can easily edit to that particular photo and your iPhone with the help of ArtoMotion app.   


cartoon picture app


Once you have selected the image then it’s time to choose the tool at which you want to apply on your photo the tool in the sense which has mentioned above like pencil marker and its just choose that you want to apply on your photo that how you want to see your photo with the best output drawing. 


Just not only is selecting The tools and editing the pictures will have more options within the app that you can increase and decrease brightness and contrast and much more within this app that you can make your picture cartoon. 


If you go into the app with Dev inside then you will also have an option that will able to choose the angle of the pictures and you can record it and we can watch it later. This app is also offering to you that 5 standard tools and 11 Canvas. 


Once you have finished your resting then you can save the pictures into a high resolution that without missing any original quality photo. 


Download for iPhone


 2. Enlight: 

If you want to all the tools in one app then you should have to go for this app because there are many editing tools which make your photo into drawing with the best quality then you need to go for this app.  


This app is offering image correction photography filters painting and drawing effects and many other filter touches within this app that you can make your photo into a drawing. 



Cartoon Picture App for iPhone



To make your photo into drawing then you need to apply the sketches which are available on this app it’s nearly 16 types of sketches that you can easily make your photo into a cartoon. The sketches which are available on this app are very handy and easy to use and applied on to the pictures 


Once you have selected the photo which you want to edit then you can choose the filters which are available in this app that you can select which filter you want to apply for that image there are many filters which are available on this app those are filters drawing and sketch types of filters. 


Finally the best part about this and light is that you can a mask for your image which means you can select the area that which you want to show the highlight so that you can make your picture very attractive. 


Once you feel the editing is complete then you can share the picture on social media and you can also save the picture on your iPhone itself. 


Download for iPhone


 3. iColorama-s: 

This app is offering the many different types of sketches which you can make your photo into drawing within the seconds also there are many filters that to make your photo into sketch within the app itself because there are many fielders already available to make the picture into a cartoon and this is the best Cartoon “Picture App for iPhone”


convert photo to line drawing app


Once you have downloaded the app just open it on your iPhone then you need to import the photo that you want to edit it’s better to select the best resolution photo which can give the best result to you because the higher resolution is always the best when it comes to the looking at that particular photo. 


You will find the status on the style section there are 14 types of sketches available on this app that will make your ad normal photo into drawing with different types of styles in the drawing. for each and every sketch there is a capacity level which you can adjust how much the particular photo looks as a drawing image you can adjust the capacity by scrolling right and left. 


Once you finished your editing then you have to save the image it will be automatically going to save the same resolution which is imported on this app. 


Download for iPhone


 4. Handy Photo: 

This is a simple looking Cartoon Picture App for iPhone which can do all the best photo drawing app can do. By using this app you can do simply retouch editing texture to frames and also you can add many filters to look a photo it awesome Drawing photo.  


drawing app for iPhone


Scott editing the photo you need to select the sketches which are available on the filter selection along with additional 22 filters which make your photo normal to the cartoon.  


there is a sketch which is located on the bottom of the screen by using this which you can do many photo filters including when increasing the brightness of the photo and you can also change the intensity of the picture which looks so nice when we come back to the normal photo to drawing photo. 


This also has a mask which you can be applied to your photo there are two types of mask Guardian and liner so that you can choose either tried mask are rounded mask using this much you can highlight the area of the photo with you want to keep highlights so that the remaining part of the photo which becomes little blood which makes the high light area so attractive and beautiful. 


Download for iPhone



 5. Perfect image: 

This is one of the best and “Cartoon Picture App for iPhone” because there are many filters and sketches available with English app that you can make a photo to drawing this app also offering different types of sketches and filters will see there are 5 types of sketches and many more filters which you can make the photo into cartoon. 

 cartoon app for pictures


By using sketches you can make you how to edit the photo into manual by step by step but if you use the filters you can make photo into drawing within seconds because it’s already made that make your photo into cartoon because filter is always the best for when it comes to the time saving black riders I was offering the many filters you can select your photo which you like most. 


Or else if you want to go to manually sketches then you can select there are 5 types of sketches you can apply on your photo just choose it and edit them the way that you want. Like a boss some apps this is also have that which you can add him ask but want to show the highlight of that particular image and this app is no intensity adjustment that you can select to the capacity of that filter so it already defaulted auto adjustment for each and every sketch so that you can make your photo into drawing in short time. 


  Download for iPhone


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These are the Best “Cartoon Picture App for iPhone” within minutes. For more Updates Keep Visiting this Blog.

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