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Best Free Music Download App for Andriod

free music download for android

Music is the best feel for the people who have loved it. The concept of the free music is always liked by the people.  I hope when you going for a long journey or while your walking and some other places you love to listen music right and that too free music. So today I’m going to tell you the best free music download apps of this year 2017.


The below free music apps I’m going to listing are the best and Top selective free music app which you can enjoy the all mp3 and other all music tracks for free.


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Top best mp3 free music download for android:


Google play music:

Google play music is one of the best free mp3 music download apps for Android and iPhone. It has Millon’s of songs on it and all the songs which it has been most well categorized. We can easily access the song and download the songs when it categorized by artist, and songs types. The best part about this app we can add up to 50000 songs on our own and we just listen to them whenever we want.


 free music download for android


As I said above there are different types of categorized when it comes to songs types mean you will get the songs by its moods like sad, romantic, remix, pop, jazz and much more. This app is well supported on Android and iOS as well.


There is a premium version of it if you want more songs office and listen to them without the internet by downloading then I can also go for a premium.


Sound cloud music & audio:

This is an app which has millions of songs on the app. You can listen to all the songs by its different types of genre.  As your searching, you can download the mp3 songs from this app by having the upgrade to premium. It’s not the big price but if you want to take those songs into offline then you can go for it.


Even you can enjoy the all mp3 music songs on this app even upgrading but if you wanna download them then you have to.


free music download for android


As I said above there are different types of categories like Hip-hop, rock, classic, jazz, and sports. Also, you can create your own playlists to listen to them whenever you want on your wish.


This is one of the top listed apps on music categories. Just check all the different version of this app to get more music world in your pocket going to play store or iTunes.


Song flip:

This app has millions of songs which you can access on your mobile and enjoy them with all kinds of your mood.  Just search the songs by its genre and download them on your own.


free mp3 music download for android


You will get the huge number of songs for free in various genres like Hip-hop, mistake, and EMD.


If you want to save the songs that you like while you listening to that time you just make those songs your own by creating the playlists.


Wynk music:

This app has the greatest and huge collections of songs all the time. You can get all the types of songs on this app by just it categorized. You can also play and download the mp3 songs by various kinds of music on your own. And you will access all the regional language (English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and more )songs too.


The best part if this app is you just download them on one Tap and create your own music world.


You can also check all the songs by just going into my journey. Listen to all the songs by various Moods, by your tastes, and categorized.


free music download for android


When I said Moods the songs mp3 music songs are available on this app is like romantic, naughty, and heartbroken. Just listen to them and sounds good right.


This app has also data saving option which you can prevent from your mobile data consumption problem.


Free music:

This app is from SoundCloud it’s a nice app when it comes to play mp3 music on your and download them on your phone. Already there are lots of people are using this app.


You can find the songs and enjoy the mp3 free music by artist, genres and songs mood.  Just search the song that you like mist and then by just tapping on that you can download them.


best free music download sites for android phones


Like all the music apps above this app also has lots of categories when it comes to different kinds of music on one app. Yu can see the songs by its various categories like Hip hop, electronic, classical and folk.


You will also get the music widget by this app which you can play the music on the short way and it has also background play whare you can do other work while playing the music. Just try this app and enjoy the music world on your hand.


So these are some songs download apps which you can download them in your phone and enjoy them. Do let me know if you have doubts regarding this mp3 music apps.


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