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Best Apps for iPhone 2017 Free Download

best apps for iphone

Everybody look for the free apps rather than using the paid apps especially on iPhone it is very high. People always try to look for the best iPhone free app to use them for unlimited.


So today I will be going to tell you the “best free apps for iPhone” in the different types of categories like Social, Photography, and Productivity Apps.


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So first have a look at the Social app categories.


Social Best apps for iphone:


1. Gmail:

Gmail is the best app when you have connected with any of Google products. This will have the greatest user interface and the best for use multiple Google services with one Gmail account


best apps for iphone 2017



If you are on Facebook the first app that you have to download. There are lots of friends that you have to get connect with them. Facebook is a completely free and this is one of the best social media networks. So this app also Should have on your iPhone.


best free apps for iphone


 3. Twitter:

Twitter is also completely free to download on your iPhone. This app has a nice interface and easy to access on the iPhone. If you  Purchased new iPhone you need to look into this app. If you have an account on Twitter then without a second thought you must install this app.


best social apps for iphone



 4. Messenger:

This app was introduced by the Facebook. When the released the Facebook the chatting process was on the browser. Then in 2011 then introduced messenger. This will very useful now to sending and receiving the messages of the Facebook. If you have a Facebook app then you should have this app too. Now you can get messenger for free on iPhone.


best messaging apps for iphone


 5. Skype:

Skype is the best app to make video calls. If they have an account on Skype then you both can make calls to each other at any time. You can download this app for free on iPhone. This app will be the best for call quality and data saving.


best apps for iphone


 6. WhatsApp messenger:

WhatsApp is the app which has a great interface and nice performance. There are a large number of people who are using the WhatsApp. It is free of cost which you can download on your iPhone. By using the WhatsApp you can send and receive the text messages, audio, videos and many GIFs. This app you should try if you don’t have.


best apps for iphone



Free Photography best apps for iphone:


1. Flickr:

Flickr app is the best app for photographers. If you are a photographer then this app should have. Because you can upload the photos and videos for Free till 1000 Gb. This app has all types of photos with high quality. Just try this app you will definitely enjoy with HD pictures. To access Flickr you need to have a Flickr account.


best apps for iphone free 2017


2. Pinterest:

This is the best free app for your iPhone when it comes to photo and videos app. You need to signup with your email then you will able to use Pinterest. This app has a great design and you will have fun while using it because if it’s will designed quality. The user interface is the best about this app.


best iphone apps free 2017




3. Snapchat:

Snapchat is the best app for send and receives pictures quickly.Snapchat has released on 2011 from then it’s improved very quickly because of its service and the performance. There are multiple functionalities to use on Snapchat when you send a photo. The photo will not be going to store for permanent because of the setting from this app to set a time for the that how long it should be stored in the app. After while it will going to deleted automatically.


best iphone apps ever


4. Tumbler:

Tumbler is the app for the stories to post on. There are the features like post the simple and microblogging on this app. This app is completely free of cost on your iPhone.


free apps for iphone download



5. Instagram:

The Instagram has the greatest features you can edit the photo also you can share the photo with your friends. Editing the photo is just simple and easy. You will have the different types of photos filters while you uploading the photo. Just apply the effect which will look best for the particular photo and then you can just simply share it on Instagram.


cool apps for iphone 8


Posting the photo is not only in the Instagram you can also share the photo in the Facebook and tumbler as well.



Free business and productivity Apps for iPhone:


1. Adobe Acrobat reader:

This is a great PDF reader app on iPhone. Already there is a iBook and Safari will read the PDF files but if you want more features then you need to download this app. You can edit the existing files on this app.


best free apps for iphone 7 plus



This app will tell you the spelling, pronounce and the synonymous. If you don’t know or even you forgot the meaning it how to pronounce this Post will very useful for you to go ahead. The user interface is the best thing about this app.


best dictionary app for iphone


3. Dropbox:

Dropbox is the best app is used in iPhone because if the cloud storage you can store any files in Dropbox to use those files for multiple users. Just you need to log in with the registered account and you just need to use those files anywhere and anytime.


free apps for iphone download


4. Evernote:

Evernote is the app that you can make a note of everything on your iPhone. You write a text and take the photos from the app itself. It will automatically save in the storage of the app. Later on, you can find the files be searching on the app itself.


iphone app store download



5. Microsoft PowerPoint:


best free iphone apps



If you want to view the power point presentations. This app will be the best option for you. You all able to view easily all the presentations but if you want to edit and create then you need to have the office 365 subscription. But this app is the best when it came next to view the presentations in the iPhone.


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